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How we are protecting you and our staff as we resume training operations.


As the UK Government ease restrictions across England we will be expanding our operations however, there will be some changes in the way we operate to continue to help protect you and our staff.

All Training flights will require the student to

1 - Provide their own headset, face masks and disposable gloves.

2 - Sign a declaration of Freedom form COVID-19 symptoms, or that they have been in contact with anyone who has COVID-19 symptoms.

3 - Have your temperature checked (non contact equipment)

4 - Maintain 2 metre Social Distancing within the Skytrek building.

Pre-flight briefings

Our friendly instructors may phone you to discuss pre-flight briefings to meet social distancing requirements.


We can only allow 6 people into the Skytrek Building at any one time. There will be only one (maybe two) instructors to start with and lesson times will increase, but as the social distancing is reduced, there will be more lesson slots and Instructors available.



If you do not have a headset, you can ask us to order one for you (which means you will contribute to the school) or you could purchase one yourself from one of the many flying shops. Our prices will be the same as AFE or Pooleys.


PPE Supplies

You can purchase the following from us if you need them.

Medical Disposable Face Mask £2.50 (each)

Disposable Gloves - £1 (pair) M or XL sizes stocked.

Disposable Microphone Sock - £1

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Frequently asked questions.


Will Skytrek be open as your published opening hours?

We are keeping to our published opening hours as much as we can, but please check by calling 01634 200787 before setting out to visit us.

Will Skytrek be loaning headsets to those who do not have their own?

Regretfully not - due to the difficulty in ensuring hygiene requirements you will need to bring your own headset. 

If I bring someone with me, can they wait inside the Skytrek Building?

Only the PPL or student will be able to enter the building however, they can remain outside in our seating area or in their vehicle.

Will I be able to purchase pilot supplies, maps, books etc. from Skytrek?

Yes of course. All stock will be secured and you only handle the equipment you purchase.

Will I need to wear a mask?


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