At Skytrek we are delighted to offer an Aerobatics course in our Cessna 152 Aerobat G-FLIP.


The EASA Aerobatic rating is mandatory from April 2015 to fly aerobatic manoeuvres. The syllabus will include a minimum 5 hours with our Aerobatic instructor, where you will learn initially how to recover the aircraft from unusual attitudes and spin recovery. This will introduce you in the following manoevres: -


  • Loop

  • Half Roll of the top of a Loop

  • Aileron Roll (Ballistic)

  • Barrel Roll

  • Stall Turn

  • Cuban Eight, both up line and down


The rating is a continuous assessment course which also includes a ground school element. Our qualified instructor will guide you through every stage.


Once complete you will be provided with a certificate to produce to the CAA for the rating to be added to your licence. Once obtained you will be able to fly solo Aerobatics.


You do require a PPL licence and medical before you can undertake this course and as long as you maintain the currency of your PPL licence, then you can practice your aerobatic skills. Regular refresher hours with a qualified instructor is recommended to ensure your skills are maintained, you can also learn new manoevres and of course remain safe.


Skytrek Aerobatic Flying Lessons
Skytrek Aerobatic Flying Lessons
Skytrek Aerobatic Flying Lessons