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Also known as the “trial lesson”, the introductory flying lesson is, for most people, the first time they have taken the controls of a light aircraft and experienced for themselves the unique sensation of piloting an aircraft.

This book, now in its third edition, has been written to help any prospective pilot get the best from this experience, whether it is a once-in-alifetime event, or the start of a flying career. The book assumes no prior knowledge and explains what is involved in the introductory flight in clear uncomplicated terms with a further section describing what is involved in getting a PPL.

• Ideal preparation for the introductory flying lesson
• Includes practical safety briefing and flying advice
• Contains a short introduction to the principles of flight
• Also covers the PPL syllabus and what a pilot can do after gaining the PPL

‘The Introductory Flying Lesson’ is invaluable for anyone who wants to get the most from their introductory flight, this book covers both EASA/JAR and National Private Pilot Licence (NPPL) procedures.

The Introductory Flying Lesson (If requested with voucher)

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