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Self Fly Hire - a great way to fly without owning an aircraft!


At Skytrek we have one of the best fleet of aircraft in the South East.


All aircraft are available to self fly hire customers and are maintained to the highest standards. You must have a valid rating and medical for the flight you wish to undertake and you will require a checkout flight if you have not flown with us in the preceding 28 days and must abide the school regulations. Checkout flights are undertaken with one of our instructors and general handling, landing and take offs etc are assessed.


When comparing aircraft hire and instruction rates with our competitors, ensure that you have the all in price. Don't get caught with additions like high annual membership fees, hidden fuel surcharge or home airfield landing fees. Rochester is a fully licensed airfield with control tower and qualified FISO

So whats included in the price?


Our Self Fly Hire prices include just about everything you need to go flying.


  • 20% VAT

  • Fuel

  • Landing fees at Rochester Airport (EGTO)

  • Touch & Go fees at Rochester Airport (EGTO)

  • No credit card charges

  • No hidden fuel surcharge

  • Minimum 20 minutes tacho charge


You need to


  • Have a valid licence and rating for the aircraft you wish to hire.

  • Have a valid medical (minimum Class 2)

  • Be a paid up full member of Skytrek

  • Have a checkout with a Skytrek instructor, if you have not flown with us before or flown on type within 28 days of the hire date.

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