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Congratulations on receiving your Skytrek trial lesson voucher.


At Skytrek we want you to enjoy your experience whether taking that first trial lesson, or embarking on a PPL course and maybe on to becoming a commercial pilot. To help ensure that we can achieve our goal, we need to advise you a few requirements to ensure your trial lesson is a great experience.

Booking your trial lesson

Get your voucher ready and call 01634 200787 to book your trial lesson. We need some information from the voucher on booking.


You should ensure that you allow adequate time to book your trial lesson, preferably 10 days as at weekends can become busy. We will always try to accommodate your choice but we cannot guarantee this will always be available if you have not booked giving adequate notice.


Short notice bookings can be made and if a specific time or day is not important to you and the weather is good, an on the day booking may be possible!

For friends & family that may wish to join you at the airport, there is an excellent viewing area and café.

On the day of your trial lesson

Call us on 01634 200787 before leaving for the airport. The weather can look great from the ground but may not be appropriate for your type of flight and of course, the weather may not look good from the ground, but may be lovely in the air.


Remember to bring your voucher with you - you won’t be allowed to fly without it!


Bring a camera or camcorder to record your experience and don’t forget your sunglasses. No special clothing is required for your flight, wear comfortable clothes and appropriate footwear.

Arriving at Skytrek Flying School

Plan to arrive at Skytrek at least 15 minutes before your lesson time to allow time to complete a small amount of paperwork before your lesson.


Report to reception desk where our friendly staff will book you in and help you complete the paperwork. 

Enjoy your Skytrek trial lesson experience.

Meeting your instructor

Your instructor is introduced to you and you will be taken to our briefing area and will explain the aircraft controls and the basic principles of flight.


Mention to your instructor if you would like to see a specific town or area from the air. It may not be possible due to airspace restrictions or time considerations - but ask!


Other important information

Please be aware that all vouchers are non-refundable. Please give as much notice as possible if you need to cancel a booking. A minimum of 24 hours notice is required to cancel a booking without incurring a cancellation fee (£30.00). If a cancellation fee is incurred it will be charged to the account and will need to be paid prior to any subsequent flight.


If your voucher is out of date

All is not lost. Vouchers may be re-validated for a small charge - £10.00 for vouchers that have expired by up to 6 months and £30.00 for vouchers that have expired in excess of 6 and under 12 months. In addition to the re-validation fee, any differential between original and current purchase price would also be required.

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